Stalag IV-B

It’s amazing to see the site where a WW2 Prisoner of War camp once stood. In this case, hidden in a wood that has been allowed to grow up in and around the original site where my Step Grandfather was held not much remains. However there are many signs displaying the history of the place. The site is not forgotten and it is well worth a visit, to cast your mind to a time when the camp did stand there, one can only imagine what it was like. I made a video when I visited :StalagIVb

The original entrance is long gone, and is marked simply with cobbles on the road now, but it used to be far more imposing:

Now there is little left. After the Soviet Red Army took over the camp at the end of the war they ran it for a while before the whole place was raised to the ground. Today there are parts that remain such as the latrines under ground or the foundations to some of the former prisoner barracks:

However, many people died in this place, due to mistreatment – the nazis did kit follow the Geneva Convention and many prisoners died unnecessarily because of it. However the largest number of fatalities seem to be from the soviets and there is now a memorial to them where there names are written on both sides of a path leading up to a cross.


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