Further up the track…

So from my last post at Monturano, my Step Grandfather – Bob, was packed with others very tightly into cattle trucks, locked in and transported northwards. He stopped at Ancona station where there was an air raid bombs fell, Jerries ran for cover, and one bomb exploded on a fuel truck spraying burning petrol everywhere over Bobs truck, all were terrified inside the locked truck. It got very hot very quick.

The train eventually carried on with the fire having burnt itself out and they moved northward. At some northern Italian station a friendly Italian girl came over and chatted to the POWs as they waited for the train to move off again. A Nazi didn’t like that at shot her dead.

I stopped at a random northern station and took this photo, with a flower as respect to that poor girl.

The train went north through Brenner Pass, and on northwards into Germany…


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