Visit to PG70 POW Prisoner of War camp, Monturano, Italy

When my Step Grandfather died and I found out he’d been a POW in WW2 it had a larger impact on me than I ever realised. Now I’m retracing his footsteps from south Italy to North Germany and I am seeing for myself the places he was at.

He came into Italy through the Port of Brindisi, and was taken on a train with no room, to Bari, PG75 camp. He stayed in a dried up canal in November until being admitted into camp. After a few months he was moved from this transit camp to a larger place PG70 Monturano

This place had been very difficult to gain access to, but randomly on the day I turned up, the gate was wide open!! I couldn’t believe my luck and was able to take loads of photos and look all around the site- totally awesome experience knowing o was standing in the very spot that Bob had all those years ago. Feeling very different too without a doubt – I was full of amazement I was able to look around and get inside, whereas he was very hungry, mistreated and not looked after according to his account at all. I was able to video the site click here to see the video:
Monturano filmed live

To be able to look upon things that he would instantly recognise is quite an amazing experience, and am writing book to cover all the contrasts between them and now. For the moment I am extremely grateful for having been allowed to look around the site, it has made my trip, it was very important for me to see inside and to have done so means the world to me – a truly incredible experience that really moved me!


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