Working my way through Europe

So I’ve set off on my travels, and the main inspiration for the trip was to follow my Step Grandfathers footsteps as POW during WW2 but I’ve yet to get to the start of that leg of my tour!

I started at Dover Castle as it features underground tunnels that were used in the war as the base to organise Operation Dynamo, the evacuation of allied troops from Dunkirk, behind these doors:

The following day I drove down to Bois Jacques and saw the Foxholes that were dug out but the 101st Airbourne div when laying seige to the town of Foy, for the Battle of the Bulge, Bastogne.

On from there I drove further on and spent the night in Strasbourg where lots of people dined outside, a band played and everyone enjoyed the warm summer air and atmosphere, it was a city in bloom, very colourful!

The next day, I made in further south into Switzerland and found Engelberg, where there was a cable car that took me to the top of Titlis mountain, 10,000 feet high and offering really stunning views!

Once down from there I walked around Luzern, where I’m staying, where there was a music festival so I was able to chill, looking out across the lake, the mountains in the background, loving the view. Also walked across the oldest wooden bridge in Europe, oldest trussed bridge in the world!

Next up is the Sussen pass …


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