Open Space!


How much space do we need?  Or do we never have enough?

I took this image a while ago and I think it conveys many other things other than just space, such as solitude, reflection, peace, freedom, and lots more…

It was taken in an ideal location, on the island of Kuredu, Maldives and also think it looks like an ideal place to go to sit relax and contemplate life, which in a way is what triggered my blog seeing this photo again.

I think it is an image that is open to interpretation too.  It could convey a certain feeling of loneliness since there is only one chair there not two.  Lost in a large expanse with no one around for company, or at least having one chair offers that suggestion.

Or, it could be seen that the person who’s chair it is, likes their solitude and wants a moment of quiet reflection with there thoughts and the sound of the lapping tide on the shore, whilst soaking up a few rays of sun, with no one there to interrupt their peace and tranquility.


Not far from the beach chair was this scene which I prefer.  A totally natural vista which has been created over time naturally occurring on the same island.

As I sit here remembering that view, seeing it for the first time was the total realization of paradise for me.  I have this same image as a large canvas on my wall at home.  It always brings a smile to my face knowing that there is such natural beauty still out there in the world, away from all the buildings and roads and pollution that humans create.  I think if ever I was ship wrecked, I would hope to be ship wrecked here and would be quite happy to live out my days in a place such as this. (With food and wifi obviously;) )

I have thought for a while now about a question, do we over complicate life?  The rat race, the need for more money, the growing list of things we want to buy but are too expensive so we work ever harder.  but I think it is easy to miss the little things, such as a view like this which means far more to me than so much of the commercial things available.

The space within the image though is idyllic, and I appreciate it all the more since I live in a 1 bed small little flat.  I love my flat don’t get me wrong, but when I look at this picture it reminds me there is a whole world out there, full of amazing sights and more space that I would know what to do with.

Space comes in all shapes and sizes wherever we are in the world, I for one always try to keep my eyes open and appreciate as much of it as I can, the world is a beautiful place.


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