It’s Only Water…

In the western world, I think that a lot of us do take water for granted because usually it is there on tap for us 24/7.  We enjoy the luxury of water sprinklers, and fountains as water features, and are lucky to have enough water in our country.


We are very lucky to have water available to us all the time, and although we grumble if there is a hose pipe ban, we still have enough to drink, cook with, for use in heating and many other ways.

Other countries are not so lucky, Africa being the obvious thought that comes to mind, and having been to Egypt last year, I felt the very dry heat that just draws water from you very fast.  Visiting the pyramids was awesome but I went through 3 bottles of water in about 45 minutes!!  However, I was able to buy that water and so it wasn’t a problem to me.


So I’ve often wondered if anything can be done to help the hot parts of the world.  Can drought be dealt with in a such a way that people who need water can actually get it.  Could a pipeline for instance be built from a country with plenty of water to irrigate the thirst of desert areas?  They build huge pipelines for oil after all!

However, I read an interesting idea the other day that is actually quite inspiring, as if often the case it makes me wonder why has no one thought of it before?

Egyptian scientists have found a way to use waste water to irrigate the land and create a new forest using fast growing eucalyptus trees which as the report suggest grow four times faster than pine trees!  If you are interested, here is the link to the report I found



I think the idea is potentially very helpful, but are there deserts on the world for a reason?  Do they help the world in some way we are not aware?  What about the eco system of a desert.  If the deserts are taken over by forests as could happen, what would that mean for our planet?  Could a forest be encouraged to grow in this new way across say, the Sahara Desert?  There are a lot of questions that need to be answered I think that shouldn’t be ignored.  On the face of it though, I think the idea the scientists have implemented sounds great, if it could help people in places such as Ethiopia then it really could be a winner, lets hope for a better quality of life, and water for everybody in the future…

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2 thoughts on “It’s Only Water…

  1. Not only Africa, India too faces water scarcity!!..Not only western world that wastes water, India too wastes water in spite of scarcity… Controversial?.. That’s why we are humans!

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