There is a Sunrise!

From the title you might imagine I am not a ‘morning person’! And you would not be wrong.  However every now again I see the light filtering through the curtains and notice in the morning that just maybe, I might be missing something.

Indeed it is an irony that I don’t do mornings as I am a photographer and as such I know I am missing out on a great part of the day.  I’m not sure therefore if it was guilt for all the mornings I’ve missed or a flash of sudden inspiration but the other day I actually got up for the sunrise, and I didn’t regret a thing.


As the sun began to rise I stood on a pontoon on a lake, (Horseshoe Lake, Yateley, Hampshire,UK) and saw the first rays of light begin to appear.  The light is much more yellow than evening light and felt fresh and new, as a new day should.  My tiredness melted away and I enjoyed the spectacle unfold before me.  Feeling inspired I saw the light was a magical thing all around me and the boat ahead of me looked so awesome:


I love boats and water at the best of times, the way they look can look so photogenic and the lighting here was a beautiful moment.  Feeling so inspired I stopped looking into the light and lay down on the pontoon and looked at the front of the boat to get the view of it fully lit buy the newly rising sun and managed to get this shot:


The lighting allowed for a beautiful reflection not just of the boat but of the sky aswell.  I thought it was a truly a beautiful sight.  So I appreciate the morning I got up out of bed, it was an early start, but I don’t regret it one bit.  I do still regret all the days since I made that sacrifice that I have not got up and missed some more great light, but that one morning shows me that there really is something I am missing and really should get up out of bed!!  One day I will do it again….


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